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Soekris Engineering, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Please select Products on the top menu and either click on it for the complete listing, or mouse over and select a category.

What is the pricing and availability for xxxx?

Please click on the product you are interested in. The stock status is shown just below the item name and description. Pricing is just below that. Qty discounts for 2-4, 5-19, 20-99 , and 100+ are automatically applied.

Can I get a discount off the posted prices?

The posted prices are the actual prices we charge everybody.  We do not offer "reseller pricing" just because you are a reseller, or give you a discount just because you ask for one. Any additional discounts are based on OEM/volume quantities (100+). 

I know I'm going to order 100 or more units. How do I request OEM/volume pricing?

Please send inquiries to

I already have a volume pricing arrangement with Soekris. How do I get my pricing when ordering via the online system?

First you will need to create an account on the website. Then, using the email interface within your Soekris account, send us a request with the subject line “please apply my special pricing to my account.”

Do you have a distributor/reseller/dealer in my country/region?

We sell worldwide directly to anybody, and do not have any exclusive distributors, resellers or dealers. We do have a couple of companies that we work with to make it easier to order locally for certain markets, please visit their websites for information about ordering though them.

Soekris Europe, reseller in Denmark covering Europe.
, reseller in Belgium covering Europe, with focus on OpenBSD.

How can my company become a regional distributor?

We’re sorry but we aren’t currently seeking any more distribution relationships at this time.

I want a different board with more memory other than a standard stock board, how do I order one ?

Other configurations then the standard stock boards are OEM options with minimum order qty's and leadtime, please visit the OEM information page for details.

Why does it take 1-2 days for you to process and ship my order?

We are a small company with limited resources and as such cannot promise same day or even next day shipping, though we strive to ship as timely as possible.  We ship in the same sequence the orders are received. If you need your order faster, please request the appropriate expedited shipping (i.e. UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air). If you need a package overnight and you ask nicely, we will make every effort to ship the same day, assuming the product is in stock and you order early enough in the day.

Why don't you ship via USPS or DHL or xxxx? They are so much cheaper.

We have tried shipping with all the major carriers. We have found that United Parcel Service (UPS) and Fedex offer the best combination of value, traceability, and package handling.We think that your Soekris package arriving timely and in good shape are pretty important.

Can you declare a lower value on my commercial invoice so I can avoid customs or duties in my home country?

Sorry, but we cannot do that.

Will my power supply work with a Soekris board/unit?

If you wish to source your own power supply, it should be an unregulated power adapter connecting using a 11mm long, 5.5mm outside, 2.1mm inside female power plug with plus at center pin. Please see the datasheets of the individual boards for power requirements.

I have trouble getting my CompactFlash card to work

Not all CompactFlash cards works in our boards, usually no name cards or cards from second tier manufacturers, and there seems to be fewer and fewer good cards on the market as CompactFlash are not used as much as they used to be. We are always working to ensure as many cards as possible work, and if you have a card that doesn't work and you really would like to get it supported, please let us know exactly what it is, or send us one....

We recommend using Sandisk CompactFlash cards.

My CompactFlash card shows up as Slave even as I have set it for master in the comBIOS

We select master/slave by setting a pin and then pulsing the CompactFlash card's reset pin. But some cards don't recognize the reset pins as they are supposed to and we can't really do much about that....

My Soekris unit or board is not working.  How do I get an RMA?

We don’t issue RMA numbers, but you must send an email to detailing the problem you are having. If it is determined to be a hardware problem, you will be asked to return the unit. The return will be handled in accordance with our return and warranty policy.

I can't get my software to work. Can you fix it?

Soekris supplies hardware only. We cannot help you with how to install or maintain software installed on it. Please refer to the Soekris wiki, the technical mailing list, or various open source user groups for more information. If you bought a Soekris box on eBay (or the like) or have one lying around that isn't working, you'll need to consult the person you bought it from or the person who installed it for you.      

What is your return/warranty policy?

We offer a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on products manufactured by Soekris Engineering, Inc. (the “SEIM Products”) to the original purchaser. Please visit our Returns and Warranty page for more information. Our Site offers products manufactured by third parties, but any warranties regarding those products are solely provided by that third party; please contact such third parties directly for any warranty or support information.This includes, but is not limited, to all audio products (dac-xxxx and dam-xxxx) manufactured by Soekris ApS, and Sandisk and Intel memory products.