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Soekris Engineering, Inc.

Soekris OEM & Custom Cases

Custom OEM Cases:

We offer custom cases if ordering minimum 100 cases per lot. The custom cases themselves need to be prepaid, but complete units with boards can be delivered over multiple shipments. For custom cases there will be a onetime $300 per screen color setup charge. If ordering a minimum of 200 pcs. the per unit price is the same as with standard cases, if ordering less there will be an additional cost of $3 per unit. Lead time for custom cases is 3-6 weeks depending on quantity.

Standard customization includes custom paint and screen printing. We can also offer different sheet metal designs, but major modifications require additional engineering charges.

We recommend using powder coating paint as that gives the best results. The color and texture of powder coating paint is defined when the paint is manufactured, you cannot mix two colors to get a third. Therefore there is a limited number of standard colors available, but others can be made as custom paints. You should always get a sample chip before deciding on what paint to use. A list of some paint manufacturers:

Cardinal Industrial Finishes, good range of stock paints, with color charts their website.
Tiger Drylac, also a good range of stock paints, with color charts on their website.
Forrest Paint, have a range of stock paints, but is also good at custom paint in smaller lots. 

Cardinal Paint C241-BK01 is a very commonly used light textured black paint. Our custom Soekris Green paint is made by Forrest Paint.

The text and graphics on the cases are normally done by a standard screen printing process. You need to supply artwork as positive 1:1 film, or as a file in a format suitable for making positive 1:1 film. Screen printing is done as one pass per color per surface, so the artwork needs to be supplied as one film per color. It also means that multiple colors will add cost as every color needs to be printed as a separate pass. Standard pricing includes one pass each for the front and rear of the case, additional passes usually add $1 per pass. Colors can normally be specified using the Pantone scale.

A good file format for delivering artwork is Adobe Illustrator, see the zipped illustrator files below for our standard stock case for examples on how to do it.

Artwork files for net4501, net4511, net4521, net4801 and net5501.

We also usually stock a small quantity of raw unpainted cases, which can be used if you need something quickly for demo or prototyping.

Custom OEM Boards:

We offer custom mounted boards if ordering minimum 240 boards per lot. Custom mounted boards are typically done to meet specific needs or reduce cost by only mounting parts needed. The datasheet for each board gives a good idea about what's possible, but please inquire if you have any special needs. We also offer fully customized boards based on our standard boards if the need goes beyond what's possible with the standard boards, but please be aware that it will usually incur engineering and tooling charges starting at $10K....

Custom boards will also usually require partial prepayment, varying from 10% to 50% depending how much the boards varies from the standard stock boards. 

OEM Pricing and delivery terms:

Please inquire by emailing for current pricing for volume and custom boards. Due to changing memory costs all OEM pricing will have a memory surcharge based on the difference between the memory cost the quote is based on and the actual cost of memory at time of manufacturing, and the surcharge can be negative.

For lot sizes of up to 100 pcs. the lead time is stock to 4 weeks, for lot size up to 240 pcs. the lead time is up to 7 weeks, for lot size up to 480 pcs. the lead time is up to 9 weeks, for larger lot sizes the lead time is currently up to 12 weeks. Please note that we usually start a new production run at the start of each month, and as we carry buffer stock of most parts, we can usually deliver 240 to 480 pcs. of any standard board 3-4 weeks after a production run start.

Shipping is FOB Scotts Valley, CA 95066. Soekris Engineering might choose to ship directly from other manufacturing locations. In that case buyers shipping cost cannot exceed the cost of shipping from Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

Standard warranty is 3 years for manufacturing defects. Customer pays shipping to our location, we pay shipping back.

Standard payment terms are payment at delivery. Custom boards and larger quantities of stock boards might require partial prepayment before start of manufacturing. We also offer Net 15 and Net 30 terms to qualified corporations, government organizations and accredited educational institutions.