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Soekris Engineering, Inc.

Consumer Line - dac1101

Consumer Line - dac1101


USB Powered DAC/Headamp Discrete R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC

A small lightweight USB powered DAC, to deliver audio quality never experienced before on the road with a set of high end headphones. Or connect it to a matching high end music system at home, to deliver all the favorites from a music server or computer in highest audio quality possible.

Always with the fantastic natural sound of a discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC, built with over two hundred tiny ultra precision resistors, driving a high performance zero feedback fully discrete output amplifier capable of driving both low and high impedance headphones as well as line level outputs.

The music is delivered over an USB interface in both PCM and DSD formats, with precision and ultra low jitter clocking, with digital processing in a programmable FPGA chip with selectable advanced digital filters and digital volume control.

Technology that used to be reserved for a few DACs costing the same as a car. But now thanks to smart design and automated manufacturing it will be available at a much more reasonable price.

Please note:  This product is not manufactured by Soekris Engineering, Inc. It is manufactured, supported, and warranted by a separate company, Soekris ApS in Denmark. All support/warranty questions should be directed to:

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