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Incorrect Real Time Clock frequency on net5501

Most of the net5501 boards from the first batch have incorrect capacitors mounted in the Real Time Clock circuit, causing the RTC clock to either not run at all, or run at incorrect frequency.

The RTC clock can be tested by using the "time" command at the comBIOS prompt twice, if the time difference doesn't match with the interval between the commands then the board needs to be updated with correct capacitors.

You can either:

1) Return the board to either Soekris Engineering in USA or Soekris Europe in Denmark and have the board updated under our normal warranty terms. If you do so, remember to include your return address and let us know it's about that issue. We will make every effort to do it as fast as practically possible.

2) If you have soldering experience and feel confident that you can do it yourself, we will be happy to ship you the small surface mount 22pf NP0 0603 ceramic capacitors needed. The two capacitors that need to be replaced are located next to crystal X3, see picture, they're the ones marked with a red line. Our normal warranty will not be voided, even if something minor goes wrong.

Please email request for capacitors to

Incorrect Real Time Clock frequency on net5501