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Soekris Engineering, Inc.

vpn14x1 Product Range

These two small hardware security accelerators deliver excellent performance at a competitive price, offloading the CPU of the computing intensive tasks of encryption and compression. They are perfect for low cost and low power VPN Routers like the net4501 and net4801, and can deliver at throughput of up to 250Mbps doing encryption and compression, more than enough for use at T3, E3, OC-3 and Fast Ethernet speeds.

They are available in two versions with the same functionality, one for the standard 33/66 Mhz 32 bit PCI bus using the Hifn 7955, and one for the Mini-PCI type III form factor using the Hifn7954, perfect for use in the net4501, net4801, and net5501.



•  Hi/fn 7954 or 7955 security accelerator chip
•  Total system throughput at up to 250 Mbps
•  Compression, LZS and MPPC at 210 to 510 Mbps
•  Encryption, 128/192/256 AES, DES, 3-DES and RC4 at 105 to 460 Mbps
•  Authentication, SHA-1 and MD5 at 160 to 360 Mbps
•  Public Key, RSA, DSA, SSL, IKE and DH, 24 to 70 connections/sec using 1024 bit keys
•  Hardware random number generator
•  Low Profile 33/66 Mhz 32 bit PCI 2.3, universal board for 3.3V and 5V systems, or 33/66 Mhz Mini-PCI type III form factor
•  Power max 1.8 Watt
•  Operating temperature 0-60 °C


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