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Soekris Engineering, Inc.

Compliance with European Regulations

All our products are designed to be in compliance with most worldwide regulations for safety, electrical interference and immunity, and environmental protection.

The European Union has a new directive going into effect July 1, 2006, regarding "The Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances" (RoHS) in Electrical and Electronic equipment, limiting the use of six chemicals.

Current lead-free solder replacements all have lower reliability than the lead-based solder. There are therefore some exceptions in Annex 7 of the 2002/95/EC Directive for equipment that requires higher reliability, specifically servers and network infrastructure equipment, under which the current Soekris products clearly fall. Manufacturers of these products have the option of continuing to use lead based solder but are still required to eliminate the other 5 substances (RoHS-5).

Soekris Engineering has therefore for now decided to certify all our products to be in compliance with RoHS-5, as listed in the following "Declarations of Conformity" documents for each product. The manufacturing date can be determined by either a sticker on the rear side of the board with AQSyyww, where yy is the year and ww is the week, or by serial numbers equal to or higher than those listed below:

net4501             Serial 103260
net4511             Serial 105400
net4521             Serial 104920
net4526             Serial 101820
net4801             Serial 103720
net4826             Serial 102300
net5501             All
net6501             All
vpn1401            (no serial)
vpn1411            (no serial)
lan1621             Serial 101080
lan1641             Serial 105880
lan1741             All